Pulse Lavage Kit

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Single-use Pulse Lavage device with a built-in battery pack, providing controlled pulsatile irrigation and suction. The instrument is commonly used in procedures such as wound care and trauma. Using a combination of pulsed irrigation and suction, the kit is perfect for wound debridement procedures effectively removing contamination and debris from the operating site.


The instrument supports a range of tips to support saline wound lavage and suction in numerous procedures, with 3m suction and irrigation lines, each with an adjustment clamp. It boasts two flow rates (1000 and 700 ml/min) via a trigger style rocker switch, with suction only in the neutral position.

Our Pulse Lavage Kit delivers saline fluid at a pressure of 15PSI and features a built in battery, easily removed for environmentally sound disposal and to reduce clinical waste. The instrument is Latex and DEHP free.

The kit includes both a Hip Revision Tip and Long Femoral Tip, thereby reducing stock inventory.

Eakin Surgical Ltd are under distribution agreement for Pulse Lavage unit and accessories of Dongguan Kaiser Technology Co Ltd.

Included Tips

Included Tips

Hip Revision Tip

23cm length, radial spray tip with built in filter disc, preventing larger pieces of loose cement or debris from blocking the handpiece.
Included Tips

Long Femoral Tip

20cm length allows surgeons greater flexibility and reduces the number of tips required for each procedure.


Our specialist Hip Revision Tip is long (23cm), allowing for a greater reach for irrigating the femoral canal and suctioning the fluid and debris. The connecting end of the tip has a built in filter disc that prevents larger pieces of loose cement or debris that are removed from the site from blocking the handpiece.

If required, the tip can be disconnected to remove debris from the filter and ensure that the device performance is not compromised.


This tip is well suited to procedures involving wound debridement as it offers a long reach into the coaxial canal, allowing the surgical team to clean the bone surface to the depth that they deem necessary for strong adhesion, without having to swap tips.

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