Poole Tip Suction

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The Poole Tip Suction is one of our specialist suctions that features an atraumatic tip style with 4×4 fenestrations that each have a 2mm radius. This provides controlled aspiration for very delicate procedures.


All of our single use suctions have an ergonomic handle shape to ensure it is comfortable to hold and easy to control. The Poole Tip Suction does not have a control hole and is suitable for procedures that require a sealed suction handle. The contoured handle design and 30° bend of the Poole Tip Suction helps to improve visibility for the user.

The working length available (the length from the bend to the tip) is 13cm with a Lumen diameter of 12fg (~4mm).

Poole Tip Suctions are packed in boxes of 25 units.

100% of Surveyed HCPs Agreed That

Our Suction Devices facilitate clear vision of, and access to, the procedure site by adequately removing procedural fluid and debris.

93% of Surveyed HCPs Agreed That

Our Suction Device packaging can be easily opened without compromising sterility, allowing for aseptic presentation.

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Our Suction Devices feel secure during use and allow for precise and controlled suctioning of the surgical site.

Tip Style

Tip Style

Poole Tip

Atraumatic tip with 4x4 fenestrations for controlled aspiration in delicate procedures.

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