Each of our international distributors receives the support they need to meet the demands of their customers reliably and confidently. As part of our offering to international distributors, we engage in detailed product training and consultation for our partners’ sales teams.

Our comprehensive training and support program is available through both online and in-person formats, ensuring that your sales team has extensive knowledge on our unique selling points (USPs) and strategies for handling objections. We provide follow-up sessions as needed.

What do our partners say?

Wiktoria Ligęza

Skamex S.A

The training was very helpful. It was conducted with passion and humor, which made the training very engaging. I liked that there were a lot of tips on how to promote a given product and what to say to the customer. The instructor had an incredibly extensive knowledge of the products and experience in talking to customers, which resulted in one of the best trainings I have ever attended.

Mariëlle van den Ham

RP Medical

I enjoyed listening to Maria - she spoke with so much passion about each device. This made the session so interesting and exciting to listen to.

Kim van den Brink

RP Medical

The training was very interesting. I really appreciated the way it was presented as a conversation instead of rigid training.

Marco Benea

Product Specialist, Biocommerciale SRL

Our training was very good, and I found out about new topics. I forwarded the training to my sales reps, and received good feedback from them, especially about your single-use Kerrisons.

Giovanni Paolo Stracuzzi

Astratec Medical

We had deep-dive training into the full product line. Eakin's marketing and sales teams are extremely professional, and help us with sales training and marketing tools.

Sergio Sanz Diarte

Sumisan Medical Devices

The training was very illustrative and well-aimed around the product.

Daniel Tejedor & Jose Granero

TGH Endoscopia

The training was great; the passion of Maria about the product was awesome.

Michael Altenburger

RWZ Medical Systems

The training was very informative about the company, philosophy and mission, as well as important product-related information and the areas of application of the individual instruments.

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