Kerrison Rongeurs

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Our range of Kerrison Rongeurs are available in a wide range of bite sizes, lengths and cutting angles. All are high quality single use instruments that are supplied sterile in individual pouches to reduce the risk of cross infection and ensure they are sharp upon use.

Kerrison Rongeurs are used to remove small fragments of bone and other hard tissues to gain access to a surgical site, also suited to various orthopaedic procedures including biopsy and grafting.


There are nine styles of Kerrison in the range, including 3 sizes for delicate use ranging from a 1mm bite (S161) through to 3mm (S262). These are 45˚, upward cutting styles.

The standard 45˚ upward cutting Kerrison (for general use) comes in five bite sizes ranging from 1mm (S125) to 5mm (S138) and all are part of our stocked range.

There is the 90˚ cutting model (S367) for where the steeper angle is required to access the site, this is available only as a 2mm bite.

All Kerrison Rongeurs are packed in boxes of 6 units.

Tip Styles

Tip Styles

45˚ Cutting Style

Our standard upward cutting Kerrison, ideal for for general use procedures.
Tip Styles

90˚ Cutting Style

A specialist model with a steeper tip angle for access to the surgical site.

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