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Eakin Surgical stock both Jefferson Retractors and Mollinsons Retractors, predominantly used in spinal surgeries but also in other orthopaedic procedures. These are high quality surgical steel retractors with a self retaining mechanism.

The Yasargil retractor is also available as part of our Cranial instrument range.

If you require further information or samples, these can be requested via our customer portal.

The Jefferson Retractor is a self retaining retractor that is generally used in spinal procedures. It has 3 teeth (blunt pointed blades) on one arm and 4 on the other. Both the arms and the teeth are curved.

The Mollinsons retractor is also commonly used in spinal surgeries and  is a self retaining retractor with 4 curved sharp pointed blades on each of the arms. This product measures 165mm and is intended for use in adult patients.

Our Yasargil retractor is most commonly used in cranial procedures.

Please note that all of our retractors are specialist products and as such are made and packed to order, as a result the shipping times might exceed that of some of our more standard product ranges. For more details, please contact our customer services team who will be happy to help.

The Orthopaedic retractors are part of our wider range of orthopaedic products.

Mollinsons Retractor, Self-Retaining, Curved, 165mm
  • Product Code - S207
  • Qty Per Box - 3
  • Length (mm) - 165mm
  • Tip Style - Curved
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