Cranial Instruments

Our range of single use cranial instruments include the Hudson Brace manual drill, Gigli manual bone saw and the Yasargil retractor. These instruments are not for use within the central nervous system but can be used for procedures outside of the Dura and for other general surgical applications.

These products are often used in tandem with our fine suction and smoke evacuation product ranges which include instruments well suited for use around the head, face and neck as well as other procedures.

Our range of Cranial instruments are frequently used as a back up to electronic cutting devices or in instances where electrical instruments are not well suited.

Our single use Hudson Brace is a hand drill with a universal Hudson fitting for drill bits. Features a simple screw mechanism to hold the bit securely in place.

The Gigli Saw is a manual bone saw which consists of a 30cm flexible wire blade and a pair of handles to secure it into. The product comes in three separate pieces making it necessary to attach the blade to the handles prior to use.

Yasargil Retractor is a single use item to ensure that complications around cleaning and re-sterilising are eliminated, ensuring that instruments are clean and sterile ahead of every procedure.

Hudson Brace 265mm*
  • Product Code - S211
  • Qty Per Box - 1
  • Length (mm) - 265mm
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Gigli Saw 300mm and Handles, Pair, 55mm
  • Product Code - S212
  • Qty Per Box - 3
  • Length (mm) - 300mm
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Yasargil Retractor
  • Product Code - S419
  • Qty Per Box - 30
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