Members of Eakin Healthcare’s Surgical therapy area recently attended Medica 2023 alongside the Welsh Government in Dusseldorf, Germany – the world’s largest exhibition for the medical sector.  Liam McMahon (Marketing Assistant) and Lauren Hayes (International Sales Executive) attended the event for its duration.

Why did we attend?

The event centered around the expansion of our growing export business, placing importance on finding new distributors in chosen territories – Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong respectively. Other members of our team: Alana Rodgers (Head of Sales), Rob Drain (Senior International Sales Executive) and Maria Lea (Product Development Manager) were also in attendance during the event to meet with existing distributors and explore new product opportunities.

We also had the opportunity to spend time with our brilliant colleagues at Armstrong Medical and learn about their expanding network of international distributors. Padraic Dempsey (Chief Executive Officer), who also in attendance, discussed Surgical’s upcoming plans for export markets with us.

With the good news that Surgical are now leveraging the successful Wound product portfolio in chosen international territories, our Sales team used Medica as an opportunity to introduce existing distributors to the range – with incredibly positive feedback.

Medica also gave our team a chance to see an array of global wound drainage pouch manufacturers – Eakin’s offering remains the gold standard across the world for managing complex & high exudate fistula and wounds.

What did we learn?

Lauren was successful in generating interest for our launch into Asian markets:

“Medica provided me with the opportunity to meet with prospective distributors across Asia. This has enhanced my search into what has been quite a difficult market to launch into. From this, I have numerous meetings set up which will secure my trip to market.”

Aside from our focus on new territories, Liam spent time meeting with existing distributors to offer their teams marketing support:

“Medica was valuable in giving me the opportunity to offer our distributors bespoke marketing support to bolster their sales. Talking with our partners helped me to understand the unique problems faced in each territory. The experience allows us to tailor our marketing better and stay away from a one-size-fits-all approach to distributor support”.

What’s next?

Members of our International Sales team will be in attendance at Arab Health in Dubai in January. We will use the vast exhibition to promote Surgical and Wound portfolios in the Middle East and attract new distributors.

To capitalise on the interest of our expansion into Asia, Lauren will be visiting Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong in February 2024 to identify distributors and build her knowledge into this competitive region.