This article was written by Alexandra Otley, our Marketing Manager, who attended the exhibition in Dubai.

I’m excited to share our recent experiences and successes at Arab Health Exhibition, a pivotal event that has once again proven to be a cornerstone in our journey towards global expansion.

Why Arab Health?

At Arab Health, we showcased our extensive range of high-quality single-use surgical instruments while actively seeking new distributors across global territories. It was a platform not only to connect with established partners, clients, and newly appointed distributors, but also to network and explore new avenues for growth.

Alana Rodgers, our Head of Sales, concisely captured our mission in a recent interview, stating:

“Our participation at Arab Health allows us to strengthen existing ties with current distributors and establish new partnerships in markets where we have yet to establish a presence, with a focus on Latin America and Asia. Historically, Arab Health has been a catalyst for valuable connections and partnerships for us. We are excited about reinforcing these connections and cultivating new relationships with distributors from the region and beyond.”

First Time Marketing Support: Why Was It Important?

This year marked the first time we provided marketing support at Arab Health, a decision that proved invaluable for several reasons:

  • Real-time Communication: Being physically present facilitated real-time communication between marketing, sales, and training support, enabling immediate feedback on marketing materials, customer responses, and market trends.
  • Quick Decision-Making: In a dynamic business environment, events often present unexpected opportunities or challenges. Having the team together allowed us to make quick, informed decisions in response to changing circumstances.
  • Understanding Customer Needs: Interacting with customers face-to-face provided invaluable insights into their needs, preferences, and pain points, informing future marketing campaigns and sales strategies.
  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: Participation at events such as Arab Health fosters camaraderie within the team, encouraging a collaborative mindset that extends beyond the event itself.

Training New Distributors

One of the highlights of our time in Dubai was the training session hosted by Maria Lea (Product Development Manager) and Rob Drain (Senior International Sales Executive) for multiple distributors across the Middle East region. Partners from Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman delved into the clinical applications of our products, paving the way for closer collaborations in the coming months.

British Embassy Night

We were honoured to attend the Trade & Invest Wales Business Reception at the British Embassy Dubai, where we celebrated Welsh innovation and our representation on the global stage at Arab Health. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government representatives from across the GCC.

Our trip concluded with a memorable dinner with clients at Abdulwahab Restaurant overlooking the Dubai Mall fountains—a truly captivating experience that mirrored the excitement and promise of our endeavours at Arab Health.

In retrospect, our journey at Arab Health 2024 was not just about showcasing our products; it was about forging meaningful connections, fostering innovation, and embracing the spirit of collaboration.

We look forward to building upon these experiences as we continue to make strides in the healthcare industry, one partnership at a time.