Last month, our International Sales Executive, Lauren Hayes, visited Asia to meet with prospective distributors and learn more about the vast market.

We asked her about her trip, the importance of visiting in person, and how it ties into our wider export strategy.

What were the aims of the trip?

The aim of the trip was to launch our products into the Asian market. This was identified as a key area for growth of the export strategy of the business. Following positive discussions with interested companies over a series of months, in addition to interest during Medica 2024, I met with companies in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong who were interested in our single-use product range.

What did you learn about the markets you visited?

The Asian market is very complex and dense in products made in country, so international products can struggle to gain market share. However, UK manufactured products are popular, giving our commercial team a platform to grow our portfolio in chosen territories.

I also had the opportunity to visit Tokyo and meet our valued colleagues in Eakin Japan. Surgical’s entrance into Asia has been greatly supported by Toshiya Ueki and the rest of the team – giving us valuable insights into regions we plan to enter.

Why was face-to-face contact important, as opposed to online correspondence?

Asian culture is very formal. Face-to-face meetings are a key part to progressing business decisions and building relationships. We have recognised the importance for distributors to hold our products to understand their true value and quality – hence our continued focus on in-person training. This understanding extended to Asia, with interested partners fascinated by the build quality of a disposable item.

How does the visit tie into our wider export strategy in the region?

The territory visit was a huge success in gaining product interest in our chosen strategic territories. The development of strong relationships during my visit is important in progressing discussions with our chosen partners.

We’re looking forward to expanding our presence in further international markets, visiting Portugal, USA and Latin America in the coming weeks!

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