As a medical device manufacturer, we are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a healthy growth trajectory. In pursuit of this, over the past year, Eakin Healthcare’s Surgical therapy area began a review process of our business practices with our international partners. One partnership that stood out was our collaboration with Boss Instruments, our US Distributor. Despite maintaining an acceptable status quo, it was clear that we needed a fresh approach to revitalise our business operations in the United States.

A Need For Change

We recognised the importance of not only maintaining our current standing but also striving for greater success. After discussion with our wider team, it became evident that a comprehensive program focusing on education, sales support, and targeted marketing would be the best path forward.

Empowering Our Distributor

One of the key challenges we faced was the vastness of the US market and the complexities associated with delivering training across multiple time zones. To tackle this challenge head-on, we devised a comprehensive plan. We organised three distinct training courses, each catering to different time zones, engaging with almost 50 salespeople in total. This approach ensured that sales staff received the necessary guidance and knowledge tailored to their specific needs.

Hands-On Approach

Understanding that practical experience is often the most effective teacher, we extended our efforts beyond training courses. Our commitment to the growth of Boss Instruments led us to undertake in-country visits to various states and customers. These visits allowed us to foster stronger relationships with our distributor teams, fine-tune their sales skills, and introduce exciting new products to US customers.

Remarkable Results

The results of this approach were nothing short of remarkable.

Our Year-on-Year growth during the initial four months of the current financial year surpassed 80%. This surge not only transformed the landscape of our partnership but also had a significant impact on Boss Instruments and our valued customers.

The Knock-on Effect

This increase in growth was not just limited to the numbers on a balance sheet. The ripple effects were evident. By increasing shipment sizes, we managed to reduce the percentage of freight costs per item. This strategic shift translated into improved profitability for Boss Instruments, simultaneously boosting sales volumes and overall revenue.

The results over the course of the past year exemplifies Boss Instruments’ and Eakin Healthcare – Surgical’s desire to consistently improve. By recognising the potential for growth and embracing a multi-faceted approach, we managed to breathe new life into our partnership with Boss Instruments. Through tailored training, immersive customer interactions, and strategic adjustments, we have not only achieved exceptional growth but also elevated the overall landscape of our partnership. This transformation reminds us that growth isn’t just about numbers; it’s about adaptation and tailored support.