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Single Use Surgical Professional

Spackman Cannula

Single use Spackman Cannulae combat concerns over cleanliness with the added benefit of an easy to use self-locking clamp

For hydrotubation dye tests and uterine manipulation during laparoscopy

Usage: Hydrotubation Dye tests aka Laparoscopic and Dye Insufflation (Lap and dye), Uterine Manipulation

Our Spackman Cannula are single use for your convenience and to combat concerns over cleanliness, with the added benefit of an easy-to-use self-locking clamp and the option of adjustable tip

  • Unique self-locking clamp enables single handed use and provides good seal on the cervix
  • Option of movable acorn (see S030)
  • Evenly placed holes at the tip for equal dye distribution
  • Single use
  • Non-blocking design
  • Latex free

Alternatively named: Uterine cannula, uterine manipulator

S029Spackman Cannula32cm12fg
S030Spackman Cannula Moving Acorn32cm12fg
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