Cimpax C-PURE 750™

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The CIMPAX C-PURE 750™ is a smoke plume evacuation system designed to effectively pull surgical smoke plume from the surgical site via smoke evacuation pencil into a filter, thus capturing particles that otherwise would be dispersed into the air and inhaled by the OR staff and patient.

The C-PURE 750 combines simplicity and ultra-quiet operation in a compact package, exceeding expectations for value and efficacy. The unique 3-port filter offers a variety of options when choosing an accessory to meet the clinical need.

new precedents for quiet operation

The CIMPAX C-PURE 750™ encompasses 4 layers of filtration and up to 35 hours of filter life, delivering the performance necessary to effectively manage surgical smoke plume with unsurpassed value. The Smoke Evacuation System is designed to be simple to use, flexible in its options for tubing and accessories, and sets new precedents for quiet operation.


Compact Design

Allows for easy placement on a shelf or counter and accommodates stack-ability. The simplicity of the machine reduces training needs and enhances utilisation.

3-Port Filter

35 hour filter eliminates the need for adapters, with a four stage filtration in one housing; integrated pre-filter, ULPA filtration, activated carbon, and a post filter. Filters are equipped with RFID.

Cutting-Edge Technology

System's sensor can be used to remotely turn the unit on and off in conjunction with ESU activation, prolonging filter life and reducing noise.


Compact and Lightweight

  • 4.5kg weight.
  • Instant start suction pump.
  • 3 different speed operation modes.
  • 80, 68 or 56 litre per minute air suction capabilities when used with C-VAC Tornado Pencil.
  • Ability to operate with remote sensor activator, control panel or foot pedal.
  • 15.2cm height, 27.9cm width, 39.4cm depth.

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • 18, 24 or 35 hour filter life, depending on selected speed mode.
  • Covered ports to ensure prolonged filter life.
  • Adjustable delay, set from 0-10 seconds to allow for the capture of residual smoke.
  • Multiple cautery pencils can be accommodated with one sensor device for added convenience and savings.
  • All filters are equipped with RFID, providing constant communication tracking and control between the filter and smoke evacuation system.

Customer Feedback

Dr. Sergio Coda MD PhD

Consultant Specialist Endoscopist, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

For years we struggled with confining laser smoke plumes during procedures, especially when prolonged and complex, requiring additional time and repeated sessions. We are now using the CIMPAX C-PURE 750™, and we are really pleased with the efficiency and results obtained in controlling the generated smoke from our endoscopic laser procedures. In addition, the unit has a small footprint, is silent and easy to use and intuitive.

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