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About Us

Founded in 2001, Eakin Surgical (formerly Single Use Surgical) is part of the Eakin Healthcare Group.

We are a UK manufacturer of high quality, single use surgical instruments. From our site in Cardiff, South Wales, our aim is to deliver improved surgical outcomes to healthcare professionals.

Our History

Eakin Surgical (formerly Single Use Surgical), was founded twenty years ago in response to the challenges faced cleaning surgical instruments. Hospitals identified that difficulty cleaning surgical fine lumen suction tubes meant a high risk of patient-to-patient cross-infection.

Years of consultation with hospitals and clinicians has led to Eakin Surgical developing one of the most comprehensive ranges of single use suction tubes. Each instrument has been designed to match the high quality, ease of use and functionality of the reusable equivalent, but are guaranteed clean and sterile and deliver cost and efficiency savings.

The company’s mission is to enable safer operations and improved patient outcomes through the provision of high-quality surgical solutions. As such, we continue to work closely with healthcare professionals to identify where products can be improved and bring to market innovative solutions that offer surgical teams the reliable, practical and flexible tools that they rely on.


We design our products and procedures with exceptional quality at the heart of all that we do.

Our products are designed, manufactured and packed with the highest degree of care and attention to the processes and outputs. All fine lumens are manufactured in the UK and sterile packed in cleanrooms which allows us to confidently guarantee quality, clean and sterile instruments for every patient.

Our mission is to…

Enable safer operations and improved patient outcomes through the provision
of high-quality surgical solutions.

Our vision is to…

Become the leading UK, family owned, people invested provider of sustainable
outcome-led product solutions used in operating rooms globally.

Safety First

Safety in everything, for everyone – procedures, people, place and product

Quality Governed

Targeting perfection and always ensuring compliance

Integrity Led

Doing the right thing and be sincere in our dealing with others

Outcome Orientated

Focusing on the outcome, ensuring it is the desired one

Eco Conscious

Striving to minimise our negative impact on the world

Service Focused

Making decisions and act in such a way that our customer is top of mind

Development Driven

Always improving our products, people and relationships

We are passionate about working together with customers and colleagues to achieve the best possible results.

Whether that is helping remove infection risk, improve efficiency or to cut costs – we work together for our customers.

Close partnership with procurement service providers, such as NHS Supply Chain, enables us to offer solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

Internally and externally we treat employees and suppliers with the same respect.

Contact us for more information about our Labour Standards Policy and our Statement of Compliance with The Modern Slavery Act 2015.