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Single Use Surgical Professional

Ear Specula

Our single-use ear specula come with a matte finish and internal ridges that reduce glare and reflection from the microscope light onto the internal surface of the specula. Combined with a serrated lateral end that aids fingertip grip, our ear specula enhances visibility and improves patient comfort.

Other features and advantages include:

  • A smooth design that ensures optimum comfort
  • Available on request as sterile or non-sterile
  • Premium quality
  • Easily disposable
  • Next day delivery*
S304*Ear Specula 4mm
S305Ear Specula 5mm
S306Ear Specula 6mm
S309*Ear Specula 3mm
S313*Ear Specula 3mm (Non-Sterile)
S314*Ear Specula 4mm (Non-Sterile)
S315*Ear Specula 5mm (Non-Sterile)
S316Ear Specula 6mm (Non-Sterile)
S272Tumarkin Ear Specula Size 0.5, 4.5mm (Non-Sterile)
S273Tumarkin Ear Specula Size 1, 5.5mm (Non-Sterile)
S274Tumarkin Ear Specula Size 3, 6.5mm (Non-Sterile)
S322*Tumarkin Ear Specula Size 0.5, 4.5mm
S323*Tumarkin Ear Specula Size 1, 5.5mm
S324*Tumarkin Ear Specula Size 3, 6.5mm
*Made to order – Not subject to standard delivery times and requires a minimum order quantity. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
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