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Cimpax offer an extensive range of single-use compatible electrodes to suit any procedure. These include standard blade, Teflon Coated and Silicone (non-stick) Blades Needle, and Ball plus a range of Loop and Conization Electrodes all in a wide array of different sizes.

Infection Control and Patient Safety

The single-use Cimpax C-VAC Tornado™ Electrodes provides assurances of instrument sterility, reducing the risk of cross contamination and procedural site infections. The electrodes ensure accuracy, safety, and ease of use, allowing you to focus on delivering the highest quality care to your patients.

The Cimpax C-VAC Tornado™ Electrodes are designed for use with the The Cimpax C-VAC Tornado™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil.

To view the Cimpax C-VAC Tornado™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil, click here.

Electrode Styles

Electrode Styles

Blade Electrode

Standard cutting blade, available in 3 different coatings.
Electrode Styles

Needle Electrode

Designed for fine cutting in a range of procedures.
Electrode Styles

Micro-Dissection Needle

Used for ultra sharp micro-dissection, helping minimise blood loss in complex surgeries.
Electrode Styles

Ball Electrode

Often used in conjunction with loop electrodes in the removal of abnormal cervical cells.
Electrode Styles

Loop Electrode

Also referred to as Lletz (large loop excision of the transformation zone). Often used in conjunction with ball electrodes.
Electrode Styles

Conization Electrode

Electrode designed to follow the anatomy of the cervix for safe and effective conization procedures.

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