Hip revision tip for pulse lavage

Hip revision pulse lavage tip

The hip revision tip is an extended length, radial spray coaxial tip with built in filter that was developed for use during revision hip arthroplasty procedures. Because it is longer, the tip has greater reach for irrigating the femoral canal and suctioning the fluid and debris. The connecting end of the tip has a built in filter disc that prevents larger pieces of loose cement or debris that are removed from the site from blocking the handpiece. If required, the tip can be disconnected to remove debris from the filter and ensure that the device performance is not compromised. 

It is an alternative to the long femoral tip that is included as standard in our pulse lavage kit but is fully compatible and interchangeable. We also supply a short femoral tip and a femoral brush, offering surgeons more flexibility.

The tip is fully compatible with our single use pulse lavage system, for more varieties of accessories for use in knee arthroplasty, wound care or trauma, view our range of tips including fan spray tips.

This device is made to order.

Hip revision tip with built in filter
Built in filter to help prevent larger debris from blocking the device

Hip revision tip for pulse lavage
  • Product Code - RT23012Z
  • Qty Per Box - 20
  • Diameter (mm) - 20mm
  • Length (mm) - 330mm
  • Tip Style - Revision
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