Coaxial Canal (Femoral) Brush Tip

Femoral Brush Tip for Pulse Lavage

Radial spray tip with brush for use in the femoral canal during Arthroplasty procedures. 27cm length, the same as out long femoral tip but with a brush tip for instances where the surgical team feel that this offers a better outcome.

Compatible with our single use pulse lavage kit as an additional, interchangeable tip.

We also have other radial spray tips available in a range of sizes so that we can offer surgical teams best versatility. See standard femoral tip, long femoral tip and hip revision tip to review our other radial spray tip styles.

* Made to order

Coaxial Canal (Femoral) Brush Tip
  • Product Code - BT 04 Z
  • Qty Per Box - 10
  • Diameter (mm) - 10mm
  • Length (mm) - 270mm
  • Tip Style - Femoral Brush
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