When I asked Dai to be part of Meet The Team Monday I knew it was going to be epic. So many mysteries to unravel. Why do we call you Dai when your name is Peter, what does being Deputy Warehouse Manager involve, and why did I see a picture on Facebook of you wearing your wife’s best dress?

Dai is a bit special here at Single Use Surgical, because while most of the team have been staying safe at the comfort of our dining tables, Dai has been working full time in the warehouse to ensure our customers still get their orders. So, we decided Dai needed a special place on our blog, as just a small thank you for his hard work.

Here’s his story.

Dai Gale, Deputy Warehouse Manager, is actually called Peter.
“I have been called Dai since 1979 when I joined the Royal Air Force. I refused to be called Taff (as most servicemen from Wales are) so a fellow Welshman christened me Dai (short for David, my middle name) and it has stuck ever since.
“I left home to see the world and only served at two camps which were both in the UK, RAF St. Athan (South Wales) & RAF Henlow (Bedfordshire).
“I also did a four-and-a-half-month deployment to Falkland Isles in 1985.
“I was a Corporal in the trade known as Supplier (posh name for anyone who worked in Logistics) and left the RAF in 1991 having served for 12 years.”

Since moving back to Wales Dai has worked in wholesale, warehousing and distribution for various companies ranging from steel and acrylic bath manufacturing, tools for the automotive trade and electrical wholesale.

He joined Single Use Surgical in April 2016 as the warehouse supervisor, responsible for the day to day running of the Cardiff (Llanishen) warehouse and its four man team, incorporating all receipts, despatches, goods in and out of both the Ostomy and Single Use Surgical manufacturing areas.
“I have since been promoted to the dizzying heights Deputy Warehouse Manager.”

Dai is married to the lovely Sue. They have been together since June 1980 and will be celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary in October.

“We have 2 children, eldest is Nicholas (35) who is the General Manager of BAR44 (a very fine tapas bar in Penarth), he is married to Kimberley and they are parents to our first grandchild Bjorn who will be 1 on June 20th.
“Our second son is Dorian (33) who is a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy in which he has served for nearly 9 years, currently serving aboard HMS Protector.”

“My hobbies include golf (a fairly mediocre 13 handicapper) and movies. I also love holidaying and try to go abroad 2-3 times a year.
“Sues’ hobby is crocheting, any spare time is dedicated to this, can now make a scarf that is straight from one end to the other, when she first started nearly every row was a different length so I nicknamed her ‘Wonky’ which she now puts on everything she makes.”

“I have been known to dress up for any occasion, this stems from not having much of a social life, so always keen to put my glad rags on.
“Although I have been working full time during the Covid-19 lockdown, as has Sue, we have attempted to brighten up our weekends at home by having a different theme day or evening every Saturday.
“So far our themes have been High Tea, Dinner Date, Tapas and Cocktails, Role Reversal (don’t ask), VE Day celebration and a full on pampering parlour evening (again don’t ask).”

We can’t wait to see what theme is next. Thanks for all your hard work Dai, and all of the SUS team for whom it has been “business as usual” since lockdown began.


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