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Eakin Surgical (formerly Single Use Surgical), was founded twenty years ago in response to the challenges faced cleaning surgical instruments. Hospitals identified that difficulty cleaning surgical fine lumen suctions created a high risk of patient-to-patient cross-infection.

Extensive consultation with hospitals and clinicians has led Eakin Surgical to develop a wide range of single use suction tubes and other, difficult to clean surgical equipment. The instrument design aims to match the high quality, ease of use and functionality of the reusable equivalent, and is guaranteed clean and sterile whilst delivering cost and efficiency savings.

The company’s mission is to enable safer operations and improved patient outcomes by provision of high-quality surgical solutions. We work closely with healthcare professionals to identify improvements to products and bring new solutions to market. Which means, we can continue to offer surgical teams the reliable, practical and flexible tools they need.

Today, Eakin Surgical are part of Eakin Healthcare Group est.1974, in order to provide innovative products that focused on offering a better patient experience. The Group still works with this goal at its heart, and now with extensive experience of manufacturing and supplying medical products to the healthcare industry. Group vision is always to put safety first, while providing sustainable outcome-led solutions for operating rooms worldwide that address modern healthcare challenges.

As part of the national response to COVID-19, Eakin Surgical partnered with global supplier Survitec to package and sterilise 1.92 million PPE items to protect healthcare workers.

As a manufacturer of single-use instruments, Eakin Surgical helps clinicians to protect patients by providing instruments with assurances of performance and sterility. The company is mindful of the need to consider the environmental impact of all that we do. As a result, the focus on the impact of single-use devices as well as wider eco awareness and sustainability remain part of the company’s core values.

Over the past five years Eakin Surgical have significantly reduced their carbon footprint through the supply chain. The company have invested in green energy, recyclable packaging, and reduced product waste from their manufacturing process to 0.03%. To read more about our efforts to minimise carbon footprint, visit our article “Protecting patients and the environment“.